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This is a site for anyone interested in picking up some words in the isiNdebele language from Zimbabwe, or "Northern Ndebele". This is a language spoken by people in Southern Africa. This site just has some basic language, and does not in any way entirely cover the huge amount of isiNdebele vocabulary and grammar. Have fun abangane (friends). Please start with the posts at the bottom of the "Home" tab as this is the beginning, and then work your way to the newest posts. If you would like to learn Ndebele more formally, look at the "Lessons" tab for lessons.


  1. thank you so much, i logged into this blog for the first time this morning and its very helpful. im looking forward to learning a lot from this site, i would like to be fluent in Ndebele. thank you so much.

  2. Hi,
    You've got some awesome stuff on here, I teach Swahili and I like to browse different language blogs and borrow an idea or two-hope you don't mind. Keep up the good work!

    1. Karibu Fun-Lugha. We're glad you like it, you're welcome to visit anytime. Keep up the learning and having fun. Hamba kahle

  3. This is quite simple to understand. I am enjoying and at the same time learning fast. What about different types of weather, like cold, raining etc

    1. Cold cloudy weather : kumakhaza
      Freezing weather: kuyaqanda
      Clouds: amayezi
      Rainfall: izulu
      Raining: izulu liyana
      Sun: ilanga
      Hot day: ilanga liyatshisa
      Very hot day: ilanga litshisa bhe/ ilanga liyavutha/ ilanga likhipha inhlanzi emanzini
      Windy kulomoya
      feeling cold: ngiyagodola
      feeling hot: ngiyatshiselwa

  4. What does mtondolo mean?

  5. I cant think of any word in Ndebele like that. Maybe you are trying to say the following:
    1. Intondolo (castrated goat).
    2. udondolo (walking stick for elders).

  6. How do you say curly horns?

  7. Impondo/izimpondo ezigobileyo

  8. impondo ezitshileneyo. e.g. eze bhalabhala (antelope horns)


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