Relatives in Ndebele

Salibonani bakhithi (hello my people)

Sizakufunda amavocabulary lamhla ( we are going to learn some vocab today).

These are some isiNdebele words for your relatives:

My mother- umama
my father- ubaba
my brother- ubude
my sister- udadewethu or usisi
my grandfather- ubabamkhulu ( which translates directl as "father big")
my grandmother- ugogo
my younger brother/ guy cousin- umnawami (in Ndebele culture a cousin is like a brother/ sister)
my uncle- umalume
so  "Unjani udadewethu?means "How are you my sister?"

There is a difference between saying 'my father' and 'your/his father', and the same for mother. This is not commonly known by non-ndebele native speakers, but should be used.

Your/ his father- uyihlo

your/ his mother- unyoko

If you were to use a "your mama" joke, it is important that you don't end up insulting your own mama. These are some of the common relatives.

Sizakubona kusasa bangane


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